Cyberkey Smart Keys

Cyberkey Smart Keys

CyberKey Overview

CyberKey smart keys are designed with highly durable fiberglass-reinforced casings and are programmed with access permissions for each key holder.


CyberKey Features

  • Contains a unique ID that cannot be changed or duplicated
  • Has the ability to store thousands of access events:
    • Lock ID
    • Date & Time
    • Event Type
  • Carries access schedules for the specific key holder
  • Retains encrypted access codes that bind the key to a specific system
  • Includes a battery which energizes both the key and each lock it touches

 CyberKey Air Smart Key CK-AIR01
CyberKey Blue

CyberKey Blue


CyberKey Control Key CK-IR7C
CyberKey II Smart Key
CyberKey Smart Key
CyberKey Smart Key CK-IR7
CyberKey Smart Key CK-IR7-ROHS
Grand Master Key CK-GM
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