Key Management System

Key Management System


An innovative smart key lock system that allows conversion of traditional locks into a technology advanced access control system with electronic lock cylinders, programmable CyberKeys, and CyberAudit software. Our unique CyberLock has a powerful system built-in, specially designed to track, trace and control access to every lock in your facilities.

Each set of CyberLock system comes in a set of CyberLock electronic cylinders (different types of cylinders available), CyberKey smart keys and a CyberAudit-Web software. For further details, click into the product brochure or contact us directly.

An unique Intelligent Electronic Cabinet Key Lock Application System that enables keys to be secured, controlled and monitored at all times.

Our premium iKLAS set comes in a suite of multi-functional security application that facilitates key access management and accountability for building and property owners. This web-based key management system is to easy set up and used, enabling users to monitor the usage of keys over the internet effortlessly without geographic restriction.

iKLAS is suitable to be installed and used in educational institutions, government buildings, customs checkpoints, military bases, hospitals, airports, data centers, and casino for monitoring purposes, places where the key access right is pertinent.

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