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Quality Industrial and Engineering Hardware Supplier - Ewins Sdn Bhd

At Ewins Sdn Bhd, we concern about your health, comfort and security. We position ourselves as an innovative supplier of quality industrial and engineering hardware products.

Located at Shah Alam, Selangor, Ewins carries an exclusive line of innovative products for home and workplace specializing in high flexible Traceable Office Key System & Electronic Smart Key Management System, LCD Mounting Solutions, Programmable Smart Keys, Facades / timber cladding and furniture component. We always put ourselves in customer's' position, and thus only get you the products of high quality from the leading brands like iKLAS and Parklex. This is what makes Ewins name so desired by, and widely used in factories, hospitals, shopping malls, retail stores, universities.

In addition, Ewins is the authorised dealer of CyberLock for its patented Padlock Security System and Key-Centric Access Control System, designed to control access and increase security to the restricted or sensitive areas like interior gates, doors, warehouses, perimeters, server cabinets and so on. We know how important it is to keep your facilities and information secure and confidential and hence bring you this intelligent traceable Key-Centric Access Control System with the added security you can ever expected - individual access permissions with each access being recorded. Besides CyberLock, we work in close partnership with McGard, for its innovative Wheel and Car Locks. McGard Wheel and Car Locks provides ultimate protection against theft on your valuable wheel, tires and vehicles.

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Increase Productivity and Secure your Facility with High Quality Industrial and Engineering Hardware you can rely on from Ewins!